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CAA Rec Soccer Rules

CAA Recreational Soccer Rules


1-A All CAA intramural soccer games will be governed according to the FIFA “Laws of the Game 2007/2008” (currently found here), as amended by the CAA Rules Committee in this document. These cannot be waived or amended except as prescribed by CAA.
1-B The referee is in command from the start to the end of the game and has complete jurisdiction during the game (see Soccer Rule No. 5). Remember, the referees are young and gaining experience. Do not verbally abuse them.
1-C The league commissioner shall enforce these rules and resolve any disputes involving these rules, but not to conflict with referee’s decisions.
1-D The Soccer Director shall coordinate the soccer activities, games, enforce these rules, and resolve any disputes involving these rules (but not to conflict with the referee’s decisions), and may take any corrective action to rectify serious or repeated violations of these rules, including placing any coach or player on probation or suspension, at his or her discretion.


2-A There will not be permitted more than two coaches from a team on the field at one time. In the 4th-6th grade league, the league commissioner has discretion to further limit the number of coaches on the field.
2-B No time out will be allowed to the coach during the game to discuss a call by the official. No coach or player has the right at any time during a game to question the referee or ask for an explanation.
2-C Substitutions in all leagues can be made on the quarter or half-quarter.
2-D The goalkeeper may not take more than four steps while in possession of the ball (holding or bouncing it) before releasing it so that it can be played by another player. When the goalie has possession of the ball, other players must move away so that the ball can be put back in play. In all leagues (but especially K, 1, and 2-3), if the goalie is attempting to catch or hold the ball, no further attempt to score should be made unless the ball bounces clear of the goalie – protect the goalie.
2-E There is to be no slide tackling in CAA-sanctioned games. This is simply to prevent injuries to players. The foul should be called so that the players will learn and so that injuries will be avoided.
2-F Players must be rotated! No player may play the same position more than two quarters during a game, i.e., goalie, forward, halfback/midfielder or fullback/defender). Each coach is required to rotate players so that they spend two quarters or a half in a primary scoring position (forward or halfback/midfielder) and two quarters in secondary scoring position (fullback/defender, or goalie, or out).
2-G In all leagues besides the 4th-6th grade league, fullbacks/defenders may not score a goal. (Scores do not count, goal kick for the opposing team.)
2-H In all leagues besides the 4th-6th grade league, two chances to make a correct throw-in will be allowed.
2-I In K, 1st boys, and 1st-3rd girls, corner kicks will be taken at the point where the penalty box meets the end line, i.e., short corners.
2-J In all leagues besides the 4th-6th grade league, there is no offside called. However, coaches are encouraged not to take advantage of this rule.
2-K In all leagues besides the 4th-6th grade league, if a penalty kick is awarded, it is an indirect kick.
2-L If the score should begin to get out of hand, it is the responsibility of the coach not to run up the score. In a lopsided game, no player should be allowed to score more than four goals. A coach may play one less player on the field, or allow the opposing team to add additional players to try to even the skill levels of the teams.
2-M In the 4th-6th grade league, all balls received from the field of play from his/her own teammates by the goalie must be played only with the feet or body the same as any other position player on the field. (If touched by the goalie in this situation, a handball is to be called by the referee.)


3-A All leagues besides the 4th-6th grade league will have four 10- or 12-minute quarters as determined by the coaches before each game. The 4th-6th grade league will play 12-minute quarters.
3-B Starting time: A 15-minute grace period after the scheduled time will be allowed for either team to obtain the minimum number of players to avoid a forfeit. The following list provides guidelines regarding the number of players per team on the field (by league). At the discretion of the league commissioner, this number can be adjusted if needed.  All teams must have at least 4 players to play.  All leagues have 4 + goalie (5 total) on the field at a time.

The opposing coach should play shorthanded (an equal number of players, unless the coaches choose some other arrangement to ensure maximum participation of both teams). If the referee does not arrive by the end of the grace period, the coaches may select a person to referee the game and the results will be official. This person is entitled to be paid the referee’s fee. If the coaches cannot agree upon the referee, the game will be rescheduled.

3-C Called games: Soccer games are played in all weather except for thunder and/or lightning storms. We do play in rain, cold, and other unwanted conditions. Unless there is severe weather, you should go to the field, since the decision to play oftentimes will not be made until game time. A game will immediately stop at the FIRST sign of lightning or thunder heard, whether a referee, coach, player or other observer sees and/or hears it. All participants should seek immediate shelter. A game may resume if thunder/lightning has not been heard/seen for 30 minutes. All coaches who do not heed a thunder/lightning notice will be suspended for 2 games. Games halted due to any weather condition will be considered official if the kick-off to start the second half has already occurred. If the kick-off to start the second half has not yet occurred, the game can be rescheduled at the discretion of the coaches. Such games would be replayed in full.
3-D All players must play three quarters before any player may play four quarters. The exception to this rule is if a player shows up late or would have to leave early. In this case, the coach should try to play the player as much as possible.


4-A Either tennis shoes or molded sole soccer shoes must be worn. For safety, baseball cleats with a toe cleat are not allowed.
4-B Shin guards are mandatory for the safety of the players, and must be worn at all games and practices.
4-C K will use a No. 3 ball. All other leagues 1-6 will use a No. 4 ball.


5-A It is expected that all coaches, players, and spectators will exhibit “good sportsmanship” by abiding by the referee’s decisions and maintaining a positive attitude for fun and friendly competition. Coaches are held responsible for the control of their spectators and players’ benches.
5-B Suspension: A player or coach ejected from a game by an official shall be suspended for the next scheduled game that his/her team plays. If a coach is ejected from a game, that team must have an adult supervisor (18 years or older) to continue the game. The penalty for a coach or player for a second ejection shall be suspension for the remainder of the season.


6-A The home teams are responsible for providing the game ball and helping when necessary with any field preparations.


7-A In K, 1, and 2-3 (Instructional League), no score or league standings is kept.
7-B At the discretion of the league commissioner, scores and league standings can be kept in the 4th-6th grade league.
7-C The league commissioner and the coaches of the 4th-6th grade league have at their discretion the decision to hold a tournament at the end of the season or go by regular season record to determine first and second place in the final standings.
7-D In the optional 4th-6th grade tournament games, two additional ten-minute periods will be played to break a tie. Each period must be played in its entirety once started to give each team equal field advantage. If the score is still tied after two additional periods, each team will alternate in taking five penalty kicks at the same goal. If the score is still tied, sudden death penalty kicks will begin until a winner is determined. Note that all players (including goalies) having participated in the regular game and overtime periods must take a penalty kick before any player takes a second kick. Note that rotation must continue just as in regular season games and periods.


8-A If the 4th-6th grade league commissioner decides that scores should be reported, the winning team coach is responsible for calling in the score to the league commissioner the same day as the game. In case of a tie, the home team’s coach will be responsible to call in the score.

NOTE: These rules were reviewed in 2008 by the Rules Committee.

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